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Diamonds & Pearls
Souvenir Brochure

One of the event’s highlights will be commemorative souvenir brochure. We are offering a unique exposure opportunity to interested businesses,organizations, entities, and individuals through this avenue.  Therefore, your entity is invited to advertise while supporting a worthy cause. 

Step 1: Ensure the Ad is Print Ready:

Please check the ad for errors and make any necessary corrections, prior to submission. The ad will be printed as submitted.

*Advertisements must be in PNG, JPG, or PDF formats

Step 2: Complete the Ad/ Donation Submission Form:

Complete this form if you would like to submit an ad or make a donation:

*Please submit your ad at the time of payment. Please note any payments without an ad will be considered a donation.  

Step 3: Select Ad/ Donation Option(s):

ALL submissions are nonrefundable & subject to convenience fees. Ads will be printed upon receipt of funds.

Full Page
*Receives complimentary souvenir brochure


1/2 Page


1/4 Page


1/8 Page
(Business Card)


Patron List


For questions or concerns please email us: 

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